Grace Mission Asia

adorning youths and families with grace

Grace Mission seeks to restore dignity to youths and families, building resilience and self-reliance with grace through educational consultancy, community services, and sustainable enterprises.



Grace Mission Education Consultancy creates alternative life-science learning curriculum for disadvantaged families and youth



Grace Mission Community Services has both local and overseas projects and programmes to engage and enrich diverse communities


Grace Mission Sustainable Enterprises develop sustainable business entities in the areas of education, aquaponics and farming


Sanctuary of Grace provides temporary shelter, recuperation and rehabilitation programmes for young women in crisis


Good Enough Families work with parents to rebuild parent-child relationships and tailor solutions to help empower families


Who we are

Grace Mission is a faith-based ministry, founded by Pastor Andrew and Grace Choo in 2011. Committed to being torch carriers of love and acceptance, Grace Mission spearheads a unique selection of programmes in Asia.

A signature partner project is Gracious Hydroponics @ Onesimus Garden, a local project situated at Neo Tiew Road, Singapore. Catered to youths with autism and Mild Intellectual Disabilities, it is a unique restorative therapy that offers respite and rehabilitation from sustainable farming practices.

Onesimus Garden is now an extension of the community service wing under Salem Welfare Services, which aims to transform lives and touch the hearts of diverse or marginalised communities through the use of farming, nature and recuperative therapy.

Grace Mission also:

  • Designs technical skills development and alternative educational programmes or curriculum for continued learning
  • Offers psychological counselling, crisis intervention and pastoral care
  • Provides employment to youths at risk or with special needs, with roles ranging from retail sales and farming to maintenance of plant systems and packing
  • Develops and supports restorative community projects in Asia, including Loboc, Philippines

Reach Out

  • +65 9755 8264
  • 40 Neo Tiew Road Singapore 719027